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About Us

Nano Materials Technology takes immense pleasure to introduce itself as a leading manufacturer, exporter and supplier of Nano Calcium Carbonate (NCC).

We, NanoMaterials Technology Co. Ltd., are a renowned and reputed hi-tech company specializes in research, manufacturing, tech & sales services of Nano calcium carbonate and Nano composite materials. Based in south of Shanxi, we enjoy a good location of railway and road transportation.

We work closely with ultra-gravity research center (Beijing Chemical University ) and various other institutions. Several Chinese Nano Specialists are our consultants. Not only this, we also have technicians in Nano composite materials and Nano calcium carbonate. They work actively in our quality control and R&D processes. We use the latest technology in Nano Materials that make optimum use of ultra-gravity and control crystallization and reaction process. Therefore, we acquire top-quality Nano with small particle sizes.

We offer Nano composite materials, Nano calcium carbonate, etc., principally for the applications in rubber, plastics, printing ink,  asphalt, adhesives, lubricant grease and paper making. Our products also find application in car chassis coating, medical gloves,  glass curtain wall, insulating glass, etc. We have received our customers' appreciation in the areas of plastic film,  silicone adhesives, profiles, pipes, foamed profiles, fittings, cables, decoration board, ink, etc.

We value our talented and experienced people and leave no stone unturned in commercializing our R&D process. We are confident that Nano would have a great future.

Uses of Calcium Carbonate

Calcium carbonate is a very beneficial compound, and it has many applications in different industries. It is also useful for the health of human as well as animal, and for our environment.  

A chemical compound, Calcium carbonate is represented by the chemical formula CaCO3. It is approximated that about 4 percent of the crust of Earth, is made of calcium carbonate. It is naturally found in the minerals and rocks form, including limestone, calcite, chalk, marble & aragonite. Minerals and rocks give out calcium carbonate in sources of natural water, resulting in hard water. In reality, calcium carbonate is the key reason of water hardness. Also, it is a major constituent compound of the skeletons and shells of animals. Over 20% of sedimentary rocks of the globe are made of chalk or limestone. And the well-known coral reefs are made out of calcium carbonate released by corals. 

The calcium carbonate is utilized in various ways, either in pure form or naturally occurring state. There are various techniques like quarrying and mining to extract pure calcium carbonate from natural sources. The chemical properties and constituent elements of calcium carbonate make it an excellent substance for use in many industries.  

Health Benefits

  • Calcium supplements that include calcium carbonate are prescribed by physicians as an antacid or as a remedy for diarrhea.  
  • It features gastric antacid virtues, and is used as a medicine for symptoms like stomach upset and heartburn, caused by acidity.
  • It is also used as a dietary supplement / calcium supplements. 
  • It helps in maintaining the overall pH balance of the body. 

Focus Towards Quality
Focus Towards Quality
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Products We Offer
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